Year 2001
  1. A. Amadei, B. Iacono, S. Grego, G. Chillemi, E.M.F. Apol, E. Paci, M. Delfini and A. Di Nola On the use of  the quasi-Gaussian entropy theory in systems of polyatomic flexible molecules. J. Phys Chem., 105(9), 1834-1844 (2001).icona-pdf
  2. M. Aschi, R. Spezia, A. Di Nola and A. Amadei A first-principle method to model perturbed electronic wavefunctions: the effect of an external homogeneous field. Chem. Phys. Lett. 344(3-4), 374-380 (2001).icona-pdf
  3. M. Aschi and A. Largo. Computational study of the thermal reaction rate between S+(4S) and acetylene. Chem. Phys. 265, 2001, 251-261.icona-pdf

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