Year 2007
  1. A. Bozzi, C. Coccia, A. Di Giulio, A. C. Rinaldi, A. Amadei, G. Mignogna, A. Bonamore, A. Fais and M. Aschi Folding propensity and biological activity of peptides: new insights from conformational properties of a novel peptide derived from vitreoscilla haemoglobin. Biopolymers 87, 85-92 (2007).icona-pdf
  2. I. Daidone, M. Ulmschneider, A. Di Nola, A. Amadei and J. C. Smith Dehydration-driven solvent exposure of hydrophobic surfaces as a driving force in peptide folding. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A. 104, 15230-15235 (2007).icona-pdf
  3. A. Amadei, M. D'Abramo, A. Di Nola, A. Arcadi, G. Cerichelli and M. Aschi Theoretical study of intramolecular charge transfer π-conjugated oligomers. Chem. Phys. Lett. 434(4-6), 194-199 (2007).icona-pdf
  4. A. Amadei, M. D'Abramo, I. Daidone, M. D'Alessandro, A. Di Nola and M. Aschi Statistical mechanical modelling of chemical reactions in complex systems: the kinetics of the haem carbon monoxide binding-unbinding reaction in myoglobin. Theor. Chem. Acc. 117(5-6), 637-647 (2007).icona-pdf
  5. M. Anselmi, M. Aschi, A. Di Nola and A. Amadei Theoretical characterization of Carbon Monoxide vibrational spectrum in Sperm Whale Myoglobin distal pocket. Biophys. J. 92, 3442-3447 (2007).icona-pdf
  6. M. D'Abramo, M. Aschi, F. Marinelli, A. Di Nola and A. Amadei Theoretical prediction of thermodynamic equilibrium constants of chemical reactions in water. J. Mol. Struc.-Theochem. 811(1-3), 197-201 (2007).icona-pdf

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